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Termination of editorship

Will Hughes’ role as Editor-in-Chief of Construction Management and Economics comes to an end this year. Continue reading

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Publication rights and sharing your work

We often get enquiries from authors who have posted a pre-publication draft of their work in an institutional repository, or some other on-line repository of work-in-progress, such as SSRN or REPEC. These services invite authors to place working papers and … Continue reading

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Reed Elsevier to acquire Mendeley, the academic collaboration tool

I hope that this turns out to be good news! I find that Mendeley is a very useful tool. Mendeley acquired by Reed Elsevier

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Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE): Ethical Guidelines for Peer Reviewers The Committee on Publication Ethics has launched a really useful guide to ethical conduct in peer review.  I find these generic guidelines very useful.  What do you think?  Does this … Continue reading

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How long do referees need to review a journal paper?

When I was an editor, I often encountered referees who did not usually review papers in my field. I was told that our aspiration of asking referees to complete their tasks in two weeks was unusual. Apparently, in most social … Continue reading

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Major revisions or minor revisions? That is the question…

There is an increasing tension around the question of the distinction between major and minor revision decisions on papers. When I started as an academic, there seemed to be a fairly consistent view among those with experience, that a major … Continue reading

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STAR – Special Terms for Authors & Researchers

Researchers in developing countries often face difficulties in accessing commercially published journals. In recognition of the importance of providing access to research students who are undertaking their literature review, Taylor & Francis have set up an initiative to help overcome … Continue reading

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I have noticed an increasingly popular trend among authors to try to use different verbs when citing the literature upon which their work is based.  It is frequently the case that authors fail to connect with the research they purport … Continue reading

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The tyranny of citation statistics

Bureaucrats everywhere fall over themselves in their rush to replace judgements about quality and impact of research with simple statistics like citation scores and impact factors. It is plainly nonsense to think that such numbers provide evaluations that are better … Continue reading

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What are editors and publishers for?

A recent posting on CNBR, an email list for our research community, raised the question of copyright in academic journal papers. The take-home message was that Princeton University was implementing a policy that forbids its academics from handing over all … Continue reading

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