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Professor of Construction Management and Economics, University of Reading, UK. Editor-in-Chief, Construction Management and Economics (1992-2016). Programme Director, MSc Construction Management. School Director of Postgraduate Teaching Programmes.

The Professional Academic

Something occurred to me recently. Professions share common characteristics (Elliott 1972): Body of knowledge Barriers to entry Public service Mutual recognition Thinking about being a professional architect, QS, engineer or whatever, it is straightforward to identify how these things work. … Continue reading

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Termination of editorship

Will Hughes’ role as Editor-in-Chief of Construction Management and Economics comes to an end this year. Continue reading

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Pie charts: graphical bling?

I find pie charts so tiresome. In an exchange with an author who thought they were a good idea, I was looking at the multi-coloured, three-dimensional, textured shading of a few segments of his pie chart, and thinking that this … Continue reading

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Publication rights and sharing your work

We often get enquiries from authors who have posted a pre-publication draft of their work in an institutional repository, or some other on-line repository of work-in-progress, such as SSRN or REPEC. These services invite authors to place working papers and … Continue reading

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Complete and unambiguous complementarity

In writing research papers, should we be more careful in how we cite literature that supports our own findings? All too often, the nuances and tensions are overlooked. But they are the most important aspects Continue reading

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How to format papers for journal submission (and for dissertations)

Increasingly, authors have often asked how to format their papers for submission to the journal, Construction Management and Economics. In submitting a paper to a journal such as this, it may be helpful to note that your submission is, effectively, … Continue reading

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Reed Elsevier to acquire Mendeley, the academic collaboration tool

I hope that this turns out to be good news! I find that Mendeley is a very useful tool. Mendeley acquired by Reed Elsevier

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Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE): Ethical Guidelines for Peer Reviewers The Committee on Publication Ethics has launched a really useful guide to ethical conduct in peer review.  I find these generic guidelines very useful.  What do you think?  Does this … Continue reading

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Invitations from unknown sources to join referee panels and editorial boards

It is with increasing frequency that scam organizations are attempting to set up open access journals with the aim of making money from charging authors for publication. Many of these are springing up around the world and their progenitors are … Continue reading

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How long do referees need to review a journal paper?

When I was an editor, I often encountered referees who did not usually review papers in my field. I was told that our aspiration of asking referees to complete their tasks in two weeks was unusual. Apparently, in most social … Continue reading

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