Should forthcoming events continue to be published?

I would like your opinion on the continuing inclusion of Forthcoming Events at the end of each issue of the journal. Did you know it was there? Have you ever consulted this list? We have been doing this for years. When we started, the internet was in its infancy and it was rather difficult to find where and when the research conferences were going to be, unless you were already involved in some group or other. These days, it seems anachronistic in some ways. Given that the forthcoming events are already published here in this forum (, is there a need to keep publishing the list in the journal, as well?

Please post your comments here.


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Professor of Construction Management and Economics, University of Reading, UK. Editor-in-Chief, Construction Management and Economics (1992-2016). Programme Director, MSc Construction Management. School Director of Postgraduate Teaching Programmes.
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6 Responses to Should forthcoming events continue to be published?

  1. Serdar Ulubeyli says:

    As I know, CME is the unique journal that publish the list of events in the domain of construction engineering and management. I consult this list regularly without searching and being involved in some related pages and forums in the internet.

    I think, on the contrary, the list should be diversified.

    • Will says:

      Colleagues, I have edited the original post a little bit, because it seems from the responses so far that the post was not clear. I was not thinking about a choice between Forthcoming Events published in the journal as opposed to randomly trawling the internet. Rather, my question was that since the Forthcoming Events are always available here in the cmeforum (, is there a need to keep publishing the list in the journal, as well?

  2. Will says:

    Serdar, thank you for your rejoinder. Please clarify two things for me. Do I understand correctly that you look at the journal’s page for this list on the T&F website, rather than here on the CMEforum? And what do you mean by “the list should be diversified”? Thank you.

  3. Torbjorn stenbeck says:

    There is a value, if the listed conferences are somehow known to be The conferences. It can be difficult to select on the internet.

  4. Serdar Ulubeyli says:

    Very sorry for the late response, Will. As I am attending in a conference now, it is a little hard to look at the Internet.

    Honestly, I saw this discussion title randomly in my Facebook account as you are my friend at there. This is the first time I have seen this forum. But, it seems to be very informative, and I will try to visit this page regularly from now on.

    Since I am an academician who has many academic and administrative duties to be done, I cannot find enough time to spend in non-academic web-pages and to search an updated and reliable list of conferences in the domain of construction engineering and management. I believe there are many academicians like me. However, I regularly visit the CME’s page and papers to follow new developments and research areas in our discipline. Thus, I do not need to spend some time in searching the list, and I trust it about the fact that it includes high-quality and well-known conferences where money-making is not the first objective.

    In terms of the second issue, i.e. diversification, I think the list can include conferences in other disciplines that have joint study areas with us. For example, project management is directly related both with us and with industrial engineers. Therefore, conferences organised by industrial engineering academicians and directly related with project management, project planning, etc., can take part in the list. Similarly, architecture, management science, and law can be accepted as other examples that have similar research interests. At least, a selection of such conferences can be included in the list. In addition, as I see, the list publishes some conferences again and again in many issues in a year. Instead of doing this, the list may be published once two or three issues.

    I hope I can clarify the two issues.

  5. Yiannis says:

    Dear Will,

    I believe that the list should remain to the journal as well. It makes the issue a complete tool for the reader who is not necessarily aware of ths site.

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