How to enter your details in Scholar One / Manuscript Central

When your personal details are entered into Scholar One, it is very helpful to enter full details about yourself for the following reasons:

  1. We need to know who you are in case you submit papers for review. It is important that we can establish the provenance of what is submitted.
  2. We want to select appropriate papers to send to you for refereeing.
  3. We want to acknowledge your contributions to the journal with accurate attribution.

There are several pages of information requested, and we have difficulties when too little information is provided, just as when too much information is provided. To avoid wasted effort in either hunting for information or editing excessive details out of information, we hope that the following guidance will help.

  1. Qualification: Please just type the initials of the qualification, as you would use in a suffix to your name. Omit full-stops.  We are expecting the box to contain simple initials, such as “PhD”, “MSc”, “BSc”, or perhaps “MSc, PhD”.  But this is not a CV, we only really want to know the level of your HIGHEST academic qualification to date.  We don’t need the complete list of professional qualifications. Do not type the name of the degree programme or the title of your doctorate. If you have not yet qualified, please do not  put your target qualification in this box. Doctoral students should instead use the Job Title box further down the form and enter “PhD” student.
  2. Email addresses: Please enter your official university/corporate email address as the main primary email address. It is useful to also add a cc address, in case your main email account changes. The secondary email address and secondary cc email address cannot be used by the system, so there is no need to add further email addresses there, nor to repeat those that you entered as primary. Remember, you can always edit your own details in the future, so if you are about to re-locate, you can amend your own details here.
  3. Primary address, and secondary address: The secondary address cannot be used by the system. I don’t know why it is there, and Scholar One cannot explain how it might be used. Please leave it blank. The primary address should be your work address and should contain enough information for us to send you a letter. The institution should be the name of your University, rather than a sub-unit within the University, or the name of your company. Even if your University has taken a corporate decision to begin its name with “The”, please omit this for the sake of consistency and to aid searching and sorting of data. For the name of the Department please include “Department of” or “School of” as appropriate. Because address formats vary around the world, the sequence here may look odd to you. But underneath the country, there are boxes for state, city and postal code, so there is no need to enter them in the address fields a second time. Once is enough for each piece of information. There is no need for a fax number, as this is never used.
  4. User ID: This needs to be unique, so it is typically your email address, which is guaranteed to be unique, but will change if you change jobs. It does not have to match your email address.
  5. Job title: Please include this to help us in figuring out who is who when it comes to choosing referees.
  6. Personal or institutional web page: The most useful thing here is your personal web page with your academic achievements and publications. Feel free to enter a shortened version with, TinyUrl, or similar.
  7. Keywords: It is certainly not necessary to fill all 20 boxes.  Five or six will be more than adequate. We only want to understand your general area of expertise. Please search on the drop-down list for different ways of expressing your research area. Avoid using “user-specified” keywords, as these are unique and not used for matching papers to referees.  The purpose of these is only to help us be aware of new, emerging topics, not finely nuanced versions of keywords that can already be found in the list.
  8. Unavailable dates: This is a good place to enter dates for periods when you can predict that you will be unavailable to review manuscripts, such as parental leave, planned hospitalization or intensive assignment that will make your participation temporarily impossible.
  9. Signature: This is not needed. It is only for people who are sending emails from within Scholar One.
  10. Files attached: Do not upload a paper for submission here! This is not where we look for submitted papers, and the system will not alert us to the fact that there is a file here. This file upload is for your CV or list of publications, if you cannot provide a web page.

Finally, when typing your details in, please use the shift key sensibly. Please type in lower case, except for the initial letter of names and other proper nouns.

Observing this guidance will help to expedite our interactions with you.


About Will

Professor of Construction Management and Economics, University of Reading, UK. Editor-in-Chief, Construction Management and Economics (1992-2016). Programme Director, MSc Construction Management. School Director of Postgraduate Teaching Programmes.
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