This article highlights a practice that is becoming more widespread. We are seeing increasing incidences of unknown, new journals seeking to re-publish papers from conferences and workshops, with very little peer review. The sting in the tail is that the author has to pay for this privilege…

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A recent story in the Chronicle of Higher Education covers a phenomenon all of us have suspected, mainly because we’ve seen it via our editorial boards and editorial advisors — the proliferation of open access (OA) publishers with new names, unknown pedigrees, big promises, and fulsome editorial boards, which often spam our editors and advisors with offers to join the parade.

The article, entitled “‘Predatory’ Online Journals Lure Scholars Who Are Eager to Publish,” isn’t quite focused enough in its headline. It’s not online journals that are the problem. The model that is potentially predatory is author-pays OA, and those who are preying on unsuspecting academics are new and often sketchy publishers who seem to provide little more than the appearance of expediency and a whiff of rigor.

Problems outlined among the predatory journals include:

  • Articles published without complete author approval.
  • Articles published before payment terms were either…

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  1. Kheni A. Nongiba says:

    It is nice reading this. I have received request to publish in a journal my conference paper in the past on condition that I pay for the cost of publishing. I turned down the offer but I did not have any grounds to support my decision.

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