How to view a paper in two screens in Acrobat

Occasionally, a frustrated referee complains about a practice that this journal shares with many others. We ask authors to place the Tables and Figures at the end of the manuscript, rather than inserting them near the point at which they are referred to. Clearly, this can cause some frustration for the referee who has to scroll forward and backward in the document every time there is a cross-reference of this kind. However, we are not about to change the convention, because it is very difficult to deal with all of the other aspects of manuscript production if the Tables and Figures are included as if the paper were ready for publication.

However, there are techniques that you are helpful in this respect. For example, in Acrobat reader, once you have opened the document, if you click on Window, then New Window, you will have two incidences of the same document open. You can position the cursor in one of these windows at the point where you are reading, and in the other at the point where the Figures and Tables are. Then, using Alt-Tab, you can quickly switch between them without losing your place in either of them. If your screen is large enough, you can even have them open side-by-side.

This tip may help with reading papers, generally, because you can also open up a window in which to view the list of references, to aid your reading.


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