Mubarak, S A (2010) Construction project scheduling and control (CourseSmart) Second Edition. London: Wiley-Blackwell

Construction project scheduling and control (CourseSmart) 2nd Edition By Saleh a Mubarak, Wiley-Blackwell, London, 2010. ISBN 978-0-470-50533-5, £63.75 (hb)

Publisher’s description: No matter how large or small the construction project, an efficient, well–thought–out schedule is crucial to achieving success. The schedule manages all aspects of a job, such as adjusting staff requirements at various stages, overseeing materials deliveries and equipment needs, organizing inspections, and estimating time needs for curing and settling—all of which requires a deep understanding on the part of the scheduler.Written by a career construction professional, Construction Project Scheduling and Control, Second Edition has been fully revised with up–to–date coverage detailing all the steps needed to devise a technologically advanced schedule geared toward streamlining the construction process. Solved and unsolved exercises reinforce learning, while an overview of industry standard computer software sets the tone for further study. Some of the features in this Second Edition include: Focus on precedence networks as a viable solution to scheduling, the main part of project control; The concepts of Dynamic Minimal Lag, a new CPM technique developed by the author; A new chapter on schedule risk management.


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Professor of Construction Management and Economics, University of Reading, UK. Editor-in-Chief, Construction Management and Economics (1992-2016). Programme Director, MSc Construction Management. School Director of Postgraduate Teaching Programmes.
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