How to upload a revised version of your paper in Manuscript Central

After you have edited your paper in response to the comments you received from the editors and referees, you will need to upload a new version of the paper in Manuscript Central. While many journals use this same software, the configuration is often different in many details. The guidance here should help to avoid the editorial office un-submitting the paper and asking you to attend to some detailed point. Paying attention at this stage will help to smooth the processing of your paper.

  1. To revise your paper, log into and enter your Author Centre, where you will find your Document title listed under “Manuscripts with Decisions.”
  2. Under “Actions,” click on “Create a Revision.” Your manuscript number will have a revision number appended, to denote a revision (R1 for first revision, R2 for second revision, and so on). This means that anything you do under this reference number will not remove or replace anything in the system for the earlier version of the paper.
  3. You will be unable to make your revisions on the originally submitted version of the paper and other files you previously uploaded, although they will all be listed and downloadable until you remove the old versions from this new record. Instead, revise your paper using a word processing program and save it on your computer. Please also highlight the changes within the document by using the track changes mode in MS Word or by using bold or coloured text if the changes are extensive.
  4. Please upload Tables and Figures in an editable format, to save us having to come back to you for minor requests relating to capitalization, layout and grey shading. Avoid uploading PDFs, for example.
  5. Once you have revised your paper, you can upload it and submit it through your Author Centre. To avoid long and arbitrary filenames, it is handy to use the Reference number, including revision number, as a filename. For example, RCME-MD-10-0023.R3.docx for the main body of the paper, RCME-MD-10-0023.R3-Table2.docx for a Table separately uploaded, MD-10-0023.R3-Ack.docx for the acknowledgements, and so on.
  6. When submitting your revised paper, it is very important that you respond to all of the editorial requirements and the comments made by the reviewers, in the space provided. You should use this space to document any changes you make to the original paper. In order to expedite the processing of the revised paper, please be as specific as possible in your response to the reviewers. List each Editorial requirement and Referee comment one-by-one, and then explain what you did in response to it. Please do not set this out as a Table, but as a list, so that you can paste it into the space on the form for your response to the referees. This list will be sent to referees to help them judge the extent to which the paper has been developed.
  7. IMPORTANT: Your original files are available to you when you upload your revised manuscript. Please delete any redundant files before completing the submission. This includes deleting all the files from the previous submission that have now been superseded. (They remain stored under the earlier version’s reference number.)
  8. When you have deleted the old files, uploaded your new files, entered your responses to the referees’ comments and everything is ready, you still need to click “Submit” on screen 7. And you can only click “Submit” after you have previewed your PDF. Please do look at the PDF before you click “Submit”, to ensure that your graphics and tables have converted properly.
  9. You may log out of this process at any point, with your submission incomplete. As long as you clicked “Save and Continue” or “Save and Go Back” before your exited, everything will be still there when you come back. However, when you return at a later time, you will find the unfinished resubmission under “Revised Manuscripts in Draft”. Click on that, then scroll to the bottom of the screen to continue the process.


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