Book reviews published in 2006

Anumba, C J, Ugwu, O O and Ren, Z (Eds) (2005) Agents & multi-agent systems in construction, London: Taylor & Francis. (Reviewed by Irtishad Ahmad, Florida International University)

Anumba, C, Egbu, C and Carrillo, P (Eds) (2005) Knowledge management in construction, London: Blackwell. (Reviewed by Dr. Abdul Samad Kazi, VTT-Technical Research Centre of Finland)

Brandon, P S and Lombardi, P (2005) Evaluating sustainable development in the built environment, Oxford: Blackwell Publishing. (Reviewed by Frank Schultmann, University of Siegen)

Bruce-Radcliffe, G (2005) Development and the law, London: Spon Press. (Reviewed by Anthony Lavers, Oxford Brookes University)

Chapman, R (2006) Simple tools and techniques of enterprise risk management, London: John Wiley and Sons Ltd. (Reviewed by David N. Ford, Texas A & M University)

Dainty, A, Moore, D and Murray, M (2006) Communication in construction: theory and practice, London: Taylor & Francis. (Reviewed by Fredrik Waara, Chalmers University of Technology)

Fewings, P (2005) Construction project management, London: Spon Press. (Reviewed by Robert W. Rosenbauer, GHD Pty Ltd)

Kazi, A S (2005) Knowledge Management in the construction industry: a socio-technical perspective, Hershey, PA and London: Idea Group Publishing. (Reviewed by Alexander Pichura, Pichura Consult)

Langston, C (2005) Life-cost approach to building evaluation, Sydney: University of New South Wales Press. (Reviewed by Richard Kirkham, Liverpool John Moores University)

Lee, S, Trench, W and Willis, A (2005) Willis’s elements of quantity surveying 10th ed, Oxford: Blackwell. (Reviewed by Christine Pasquire, Loughborough University)

Loosemoore, M, Raftery, J, Reilly, C and Higgon, D (2006) Risk management in projects, London: Taylor & Francis. (Reviewed by Paul Bowen, University of Cape Town)

Love, P, Fong, P and Irani, Z (Eds) (2005) Management of knowledge in project environments, Oxford: Elsevier Limited. (Reviewed by Alexander Pichura, Pichura Consult)

Smith, N J, Mema, T and Jobling, P (2006) Managing risk in construction projects, London: Blackwell Publishing. (Reviewed by Dr. John Schaufelberger, University of Washington)

Tang, S L, Ahmed, S M, Aoieong, R T and Poon, S W (2005) Construction quality management, Hong Kong: Hong Kong University Press. (Reviewed by Professor Sherif Mohamed, Griffith University)

Thomas, G and Thomas, M (2005) Construction partnering and integrated teamworking, London: Blackwell Publishing. (Reviewed by Dr. Nick Marshall, University of Brighton)

Winch, G M (2002) Managing construction projects: an information processing approach, London: Blackwell Science Ltd. (Reviewed by Professor M G Syal, Michigan State University)


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Professor of Construction Management and Economics, University of Reading, UK. Editor-in-Chief, Construction Management and Economics (1992-2016). Programme Director, MSc Construction Management. School Director of Postgraduate Teaching Programmes.
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