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Invitations from unknown sources to join referee panels and editorial boards

It is with increasing frequency that scam organizations are attempting to set up open access journals with the aim of making money from charging authors for publication. Many of these are springing up around the world and their progenitors are … Continue reading

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Major revisions or minor revisions? That is the question…

There is an increasing tension around the question of the distinction between major and minor revision decisions on papers. When I started as an academic, there seemed to be a fairly consistent view among those with experience, that a major … Continue reading

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Why are computer screen dumps not usually permitted in CM&E?

From time to time, authors ask why their computer screen dumps are not permitted as part of papers that we publish. It may be useful to share some of the reasons behind the policy of not reproducing screen dumps. As … Continue reading

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Special issues arising from conferences

Construction Management and Economics has not, as yet, run a Special Issue arising out of a conference.  However, we are not dogmatically closed to the suggestion. Our Special Issues tend to be themed on specific topics in which a Guest Editor is … Continue reading

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Amplified aims and scope of CM&E

We are keen to elicit more papers from countries where we feel under-represented.  It may be that the journal’s aims and scope are so brief that they convey little to academic authors outside Europe.  Some journals have very comprehensive aims … Continue reading

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How to write informative abstracts

Abstracts are often the least considered but most important part of any paper. Most readers of a journal will read most of the abstracts, but very few will read the full papers. Perhaps 95% of readers will read only the abstract. The … Continue reading

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Authors’ Charter

To help authors to understand the editorial process, which has developed over the years, and which we intend to continue improving, this document makes explicit our policies and procedures. As soon as we receive your paper in our on-line submission … Continue reading

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How to propose a Special Issue for CM&E

From time to time this journal carries a Special Issue which consists of themed papers around a specific topic, introduced by an in‐depth editorial that not only summarizes the papers, as usual, but also develops a particular view from the … Continue reading

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What editors look for in referee reports

A recent discussion in sparked some interest. I was particularly interested in the views from editors of various journals such as Organization Science, Organization Studies, Academy of Management Journal, Management Science, American Sociological Review, and Administrative Science Quarterly. If … Continue reading

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How to write an informative and critical book review

A book review should be more than a flattering summary of the content. Many book reviews are not particularly useful in terms of positioning the book in relation to the literature or engaging with the contribution that the book makes … Continue reading

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